• Are you tracking your Insurance Billing in real-time?
  • Are you tracking your Insurance Activity and Claims in real-time?
  • Are you finding it easy to reconcile your client’s billing for multiple monthly recurring product or service activities and payments?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, then you need “A2E Solutions”! This ‘software as a solution’ (SAAS) is a user-friendly, cloud-based tracking system developed for the self storage industry with multiple application.

Every agency and recurring product vendor who provides a product or service with an insurance/protection backed program will need the “real-time” “A2E Solutions” which provides the tool for monitoring, collecting and building a effective and efficient system which saves hours upon hours of intensive administrative and accounting “man-hours” which equals overhead savings.

It also speeds up the process to obtain payments and thus enriches the Accounts Receivable process which equals fewer collections. Again, ‘man-hour’ savings in overhead which will increase the bottom line – your profit!


A2E Solutions is a software developed for protection plan companies to pull data from the application programming interface (API) from various storage industry management software companies.

A2E Solutions streamlines the data collection process across the industry to provide tenant protection, tenant insurance, and recurring vendor product or service providers an easy, accurate method of obtaining data for sales and claims without interruption of their clients everyday processes.

A question we are asked “Don’t you provide software that people download to their computers?”

No. It is a cloud-based software we control via our programmer for security purposes, terms and conditions. No download necessary unless we create a “report” pdf with results only.


Currently, we are providing information to those that are interested in viewing this platform. You will need to email to admin@a2esolution.com to receive our updates and a demo.

At the launch of A2E Solution, there will be a both a “demo” and “Signup section” added. Upon signup, a “Membership Start-up Video guide” will be provided and a complimentary “Support” Section provided. Support will be free for 90 days. To continue, there will be an additional “Support Offer” for one year to 3 years of support. As a paid user, you will receive all future updates.


Free 60 or 90 days
Trial Period

We will provide a “Vendor Partner Free 60 or 90 day” Trial Period. We are considering a reduced price for these Vendor Partners.

Non Client:
subscription-based SAAS

Non-client: A2E will establish a monthly or Annual (reduced price) subscription-based SAAS (Software as a Service) fee.


  • We will “Test Launch” the product by Mid-November
  • We will look at a soft launch in March 2020
  • The actual “Hard Launch” date will be the first week of April 2020 at ISS World Expo in Las Vegas – Our largest industry’s tradeshow

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